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Packing tape nearly is very developed in Europe and the United States, in the asia-pacific region or in the period of development, especially in China, growing at the rate of 8% every year. As the market continued to expand, competitiveness is continuously strengthen, many companies set up offices in China and abroad, set up factories in China directly, even for production. This for China's enterprises, has great competitiveness. And raw material of the sealing tape oil also continues to rise in price, so in addition to constantly work on raw materials, even on technology constantly updated, innovation.
Comprehensive above, packing tape likely to giant bull packing tape development prospect of the following:
First of all, packing tape material must be environmental protection material. This is the basic requirement of each country, we China is at the expense of the environment for the development of economy, now all know with how much money, haven't restore our environment, so that a company produces the product must be environmental protection, otherwise will place.
Packing tape to improve technical content, technical innovation and performance improvement is the development direction of adhesive industry, packing tape manufacturer will also to adjust the direction of high technology content, the focus lies in the improvement of propylene acid solvent rubber, polyurethane rubber, epoxy adhesive, optical and photosensitive adhesive, pressure sensitive adhesive and organic silicone adhesive system performance.
The product renewal to speed up. International adhesive market steady development, technological innovation is more and more fast, new technology and products constantly, promote the continuous upgrading of adhesive industry, the application field also will continue to expand.
And products are of high quality requirements. In the industry competition is more and more big, who not only has the technology can have competitiveness. And excellent quality, the continuous development of packing tape industry, for the product quality is high. The quality of the products is also an indispensable part of in the middle of the competition.

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