The use of tape storage and maintenance

日期:2020-08-03 12:35
摘要: The use of tape storage and maintenance (-)胶带的贮运与使用保养 (-) storage and maintenance of tape 巨牛知道我们的胶带的贮运与使用保养哦,1,胶带应存入库房,避免日晒,雨淋,禁止与酸碱溶剂接触,保持清洁干燥,距发现装置一米以外,室温在-15-40°之间。2,胶带应成卷放置,不折叠,存放时间过久的应每季翻动一次。3,在胶带的贮运与使用保养时装卸输送带时*好用吊车,并且要有横梁的索具平稳调取,避免边角损坏。4、输送带接头*好采用热硫化胶接,以提高可靠性,保持较高的有效强度。 5、输送...

The use of tape storage and maintenance

(-) storage and maintenance of tape

Giant cattle know our tape storage and transportation and the use of skin care oh, 1, tape should be stored in the warehouse, to avoid the sun rain, no contact with acid or alkali solution, keep clean and dry, from the discovery of a device meters outside the room temperature in -15-40 degrees between the. 2, rolls of tape should be placed, not folded, long store should turn once quarterly. 3, in the tape storage and use maintenance fashion unloading conveyor belt best with a crane. And there should be a beam of rigging the smooth transfer of, to avoid damage to the corner. 4, conveyor belt joints are best used to improve the reliability of thermal curing adhesive, to maintain a high effective strength. 5. The minimum belt wheel diameter of the conveyer belt and the belt conveyor belt shall be in accordance with the relevant regulations. 6, do not allow the tape or crawl to keep hunting, drag roller, roller flexible, tension force should be moderate. 7, when the conveyor is equipped with a baffle and cleaning device, should avoid the wear of adhesive tape. 8, cleanliness is the basic condition of the good operation of the tape, the external material will ring the belt eccentricity, tension difference, and even fracture

The above is juniu tell you the tape storage and maintenance, the hope can help to you oh.

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